hi, you can call me bam and i am an unironic edgelord and real life vampire

a lot of you have some deep/nostalgic reasons for being here, but honestly, i just hate the lack of customization options on most social medias. that and i need somewhere to ramble about pokemon.

i'm sure you can tell i have like. nothing here yet. i literally just started learning to code like 3 days ago soooo yeah this site may take a bit to fill out. i DO have a sick ass link page u can check out tho

oh yeah also i have no intentions of ever making this site look good on mobile. who is using neocities on mobile anyway lmao, get a computer scrub

name: amber, but u can call me bam or bambi or wtv
age: late teens
zodiac: virgo sun capricorn moon scorpio rising
favorite games: pokemon b/w, animal crossing new leaf, splatoon, little big planet
favorite food: hot cheetos or smoked salmon idk
favorite colors: any combination of black red and blue
favorite pokemon: shiny scolipede
favorite song: here